Q&A with Chef Chuck Ramsey of Pulaski Heights Barbeque


Pulled pork sandwich plate at Pulaski Heights BBQ
Photo by Darcy Lenz

By: Kayla Allen

Former co-owner and executive chef at Five & Ten in Five Points, Chuck Ramsey, left his fine dining roots and opened Pulaski Heights Barbeque in Nov. 2012. Talented, charming and an all-around nice guy, Chef Ramsey welcomed any and all questions I could throw at him.  He proves that running a restaurant isn’t a small feat. He is a man wearing many hats, from writing checks to teaching his cooks the proper presentation of nightly specials.  Chef Chuck Ramsey has become an established rival of, not only for barbeque restaurants around Athens, but any restaurant that takes quality, flavor and preparation seriously.  Check out the Q&A below, and then after that take a trip to PHBBQ, eat some barbeque and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Graduation Weekend… Where to EAT?

By Wes Mayer

Congratulations! You’ve graduated. You put on the cap and gown, flipped the tassel over, threw your hat up in the air, celebrated with friends and family, maybe went out drinking and had a little too much. Who am I to judge?

But before you know it, it’s Saturday. Perhaps your parents are still in town and they want to take you to lunch or even stay until dinner. Maybe they’re staying the whole weekend and it’s up to you to show them around the town you’ve been living in for at least four years. Where are you going to eat?

Luckily for you, we’ve picked some of the best restaurants in Athens you should visit during graduation weekend. If it’s a post-celebration lunch, family dinner or relaxed Sunday brunch, these are some of the places we don’t think you should miss.

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La Dolce Vita– Great Italian can Come in Small Packages


By Grace Trivett


If you want to eat at La Dolce Vita in downtown Athens (and you should), make a reservation. I could say this Italian restaurant known for its homemade pasta is cozy, but frankly, it is tiny. The doors located on Broad Street open up to a big staircase that leads to a small room, which only has only a couple dozen small tables and a modest bar. Off the room are two doors: one that leads to the kitchen and one door that leads to the bathrooms. And that’s it.

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Graduation Party Desserts: Simple to Complex Ways of Dazzling Guests


Colorful Spiral Cookies. Click for recipe.

Party food is always a difficult subject and a party thrown to celebrate such a major
event is even more toilsome. Whether you’re a Food Network aficionado who wants
to try a challenging recipe or a burn-the-house-downer who needs to simply throw
together ingredients with no additional prep, there’s a festive recipe that can satisfy
your guests.

I love party desserts because they give you the most freedom to make something
cute and creative. Each of the three recipes I’ve listed vary in difficulty, but each are
college-related and sure to be the talk of any party!

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Siri Thai–Thai You Will Want to Try and Try Again

Siri Thai Logo

By Amanda Dickey


I pulled into the parking lot across from Siri Thai restaurant on the eastside of Athens, Georgia, on a bright Friday afternoon around 2 p.m. The restaurant is nestled in the back corner of a brick strip mall behind the Italian restaurant Mirko, rendering it unidentifiable because of its brick exterior. Little did I know that the restaurant would leave a positively ravishing mark on my palate.

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Top Five Places to Study at During Your Last Finals Week

By Kayla Allen

So I’m a senior, and if you’re a senior too, you know how tedious, boring and stressful the last few weeks of school can be. I mean after four years all this studying really gets old! If you’re tired of lugging that heavy book bag through the stacks at the library in relentless search for any empty corner you can find, if you’re tired of gaggles of giggling freshman girls in the SLC or if you just need a change of studying pace, then maybe a few of these restaurants can ease that finals week stress.

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Stuffed Burger: An Exercise in Freedom


By Kelly Whitmire
Freedom is as American as a bald eagle voting to play baseball. In America we’re entitled
to certain inalienable freedoms: the freedom of speech, the freedom of choice and,
perhaps most important, of all the freedom to eat whatever we want.

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The Marker 7 Showdown: A dual review with two points of view


We’ve encountered a slight disparity in opinion between critics regarding the recently opened Marker 7 Coastal Grill, located at the corner of South Milledge Avenue and Lumpkin Street. Consider both reviews and venture to Marker 7 yourself, then share your conclusion!

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Etienne Brasserie– The French Do It Best


By Katie Lindley


Sunday brunch is an institution. Some devotees consider it a religion. Unfortunately, it seems, Sunday brunch in Athens is thought of as something nice but not necessary. Maybe this is why there were only two other parties at Etienne Brasserie for the Sunday brunch last week. My question to those not brunching on what felt like the first glorious day of spring is this: Who thinks mimosas and French toast are not necessary? It’s Sunday fun day people. Look alive.

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Food For the Soul Satisfies the Heart and Stomach


By: Wes Mayer

I wouldn’t recommend taking a date to this restaurant. And I wouldn’t recommend
having a business meeting to impress your boss there either. It probably ranks a two out
of 10 on the fancy scale, and a five out of 10 on the clean scale. It isn’t in a welcoming
location, and it isn’t meant for anyone but the locals. But if you can look past all of that,
and you are in the mood for filling your stomach to the brim with fried chicken, mashed
potatoes and corn bread, you will find no better place than Food for the Soul.

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